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The MOST Offensive Classic Rock Songs that Should be Banned

No one expects rockers to have taste but a little political correctness can go a long way towards fixing society. Unfortunately, many people still use music to glorify past relics of intolerance and hate so I put together a panel of professionally offended Internet millennials to help KLBJ right our wrongs.

Here are a few of many songs that should be banned for being so offensive. Oh, and if this hurts your redneck, snowflake feelings, don’t even bother @’ing me.

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Rock you Like a Hurricane

Why: hurricanes have hurt thousands of people and cost millions of dollars of damage to beachfront property and more. Last year, Harvey devastated Houston and the gulf coast. Singing a song about hurricanes is not funny and it's offensive.


People are Strange

Calling people strange it's absolutely insulting to anyone who is ever been considered outside the "norm". Calling people ugly is hurtful land forever damaging.

Furthermore, calling women "wicked" is objectifying and racist. The song also bashes the blind "faces in the rain", 


Money for Nothing

Classist and minimizes the importance of cartoon laborers . Also, uh, homophobic slurs much???


Hey Joe

Cheating is not something to be made light of when marriage should be sacred. Still, it doesn’t mean we need more songs about domestic violence.


Stairway to Heaven

Just another right-wing Christian song exposing our youth to the lies of a fascist cult and the unreal promise of glory for behaving in society.


Poor Some Sugar on Me

Diabetes is not a laughable – let alone singable - matter


Any Def Leppard Song

Tossing a bag of cats in a dryer and calling it music is highly offensive and destructive to dryers and also dangerous for the cats inside. Shame!


Look at Little Sister

Another song that objectifies women 


Yellow Submarine

Just more Western military industrial complex war propaganda.



Oh, so suddenly making fun of a crippling disease (anxiety) that many of us suffer from is cool? Way to go Sabbath


Flirtin with Disaster

If I have to explain this one, your head is so far gone in the sand. Wow.  


Gimme Shelter

Another privileged rock band humble bragging about their homes when millions don’t actually even have shelter


Lonely is the Night

Really Billy? Considering you populated half of North America and never paid child support. I’m really sure your nights were lonely *sarcasm*


Big Balls

Testicular cancer is the epidemic America isn’t talking about since Lance Armstrong decided to use bad drugs. This song just seems like a cheap shot at one-balled persons everywhere.


The Hokey-Pokey

I mean, I can’t EVEN on this one 


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