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Celebrating Eleven Years of CJ Morgan

Who can believe that for ten years I’ve avoided being fired by KLBJ management! September 13th marks my six-year anniversary of being on-air at 93.7 KLBJ and ten year anniversary of being employed by Emmis Austin Radio.

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All week I’ll be celebrating and telling stories on-air. Below you can find a brief summary of my time here, some old photos and some of my best bits.


  • Hired by the KLBJ Promotions staff in 2007
  • Started working in office as an assistant
  • Started working front desk in early mornings, annoying morning shows with bits,  Photoshoping tacos, and sending reply-all emails (thus gaining the love of all my coworkers).
  • Started the Can’t Get a Job on the Radio Podcast with Chuy
  • Got weekend fill-in gig on 101x (2009)
  • Won Can-Do Partimer of the year for Emmis Austin Radio
  • Become famous thanks to a YouTube video
  • Promoted to Regular Part-Time (Lead) Promotions Coordinator
  • Miles become paralyzed
  • Started filling in on-air in evenings
  • Hired to be full time KLBJ evening man/promo employee (2011)
  • Newly single, moved into a new house and begin filling in during middays
  • Hired to be full time midday disc jockey (2012) later told I will still have to be a shitty KLBJ-AM promotions employee and work all the shitty garden remotes, early broadcasts etc.
  • Excellence in Digital Content Award, Emmis Communications (2013)
  • Initiative Award, Emmis Austin (2013)
  • Austin Radio Personality of the Year (2014)
  • Demoted back to evenings after structural changes (2014)
  • Became KLBJ Social Media Coordinator & Digital Content Producer (2014)
  • Became Digital Content Producer for Dudley & Bob + Matt (2015)
  • Wrote this blog post (2016)
  • Initiative Award, Emmis Austin (2017)
  • Miles died (2017)



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