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Best Burger in Austin

I like to eat. I love to eat burgers. Every other meal I consume consists of some sort  of meat n bun combo. That’s why I have decided to take up the difficult quest of finding the best burger in Austin.

Currently, I am starting with the café / fast food/ drive through burgers.  Over the next few months I will be going around town and ordering the same thing : a basic meat cheese burger with bacon, fries, and an unsweet iced tea.

I will then bracket the best and together, we will vote and decide. Please nominate and vote on the places I should try (keep in mind these should be in the category of quick, cheap take home burgers that are not giant chains such as McDonalds).


Places Tried:


  • P. Terrys - 4/7

Good burger for the price. The line moves swift and the food is always hot. The patties are small but the special sauce and good buns make up for that. The fries are  good but nothing special. Iced Tea is on point! These serve as a good middle of the road burger.

  • Hillberts - 6/7

The small restaurant off of Cameron road makes a great burger for a cheap price (and there is rarely a wait). I do not like the thick, soggy fries and the tea is hit or miss (though sometimes really good). The burger itself makes up for it. Bacon tastes freshly cooked and is the perfect crispness (I feel most places microwave, or make a lot of bacon early in the day and reheat to order). The patties are thick and juicy, the lettuce is crisp and the tomatoes are plump. Price and expericine wise, I have not found a place that can beat them! 
  • Cenote - 4/7

The bread, veggies and condiments taste incredibly fresh. The patty, however was a bit dry.  

  • El Casino Camino - 6/7

It doesn’t really get better than this (especially the PITTS Burger). The only place that might be able to compete is the Tap Room in San Marcos (but I haven’t eaten there in years). If only the staff didn’t make you feel like shit for daring to enter their establishment you yuppie tourist fuck! Come back when you are cooler.   

  • Whataburger - 5/7

Everything about a Whataburger is just fantastic. The luscious patty grilled to juicy perfection, the crisp lettuce and onions, the toasted bun and the – wait – did they fucking but mustard on my damn burger again when I asked them not to? Every time. Oh and my tea is fucking sweet. DAMMIT    

  • Shortstop - 4/7

The tea is vernally good and comes in a large to-go cup. The fries are so far my favorite as you can taste the chicken grease they are cooked in. The burger itself is small but filled with taste. Also a good price with little to no wait.
  • Ken's Tacos - 4/7

When you think of Ken’s, you probably think of their amazing breakfast tacos or delicious subs. However, they also make a pretty good hamburger. The Iced Tea isn’t bad either!

  • Dans - 4/7

Small but good and well priced burgers. Fast service as well!  Iced Tea smells like the fryer.

  • Mighty Fine - 5/7

Thick patties, solid burger and good taste. 

  • Hat Creek - 6/7

These burgers are just a cut above the rest.

  • Huts - 4/7

Good but thin and sloppy.

  • Phils - 4/7

Solid eat but nothing special. Fresh veggies stuck out to me! 

  • Top Notch - 4/7

A good fast food burger but not much else going on. 

  • Sandys - 3/7

Again, a good burger and cheap but thin patty and nothing special.

  • Culvers - 5/7

Good sloppy burgers! A lot of cheese and flavor but maybe too sloppy? 

  • Five Guys - 4/7

Decent but overpriced. 


Other Categories: 


  • Best Dive/Pub Burger

Examples: Casino El Camino, Jackalope, Tap Room (San Marcos)
This type of burger is typically found at your neighborhood bar, gas station, small restaurant or dive. They usually have a typical burger, made very simplistically. They often have a house or specialty/exceptionally unique burger as well.

  • Best Gourmet Burger/Restaurant Burger

Examples: Hopdoddy, Parkside, Max’s Wine Dive, Twin Peaks, Five Guys
This burger would be found at a nicer, sit down bar or restaurant. It’s usually a little more expensive but still unique compared to chain restaurants etc.

  • Best Drive Through, Cafe or Fast Food Burger

Examples: P Terry’s, Fran’s, Dan’s, Whataburger. Mighty Fine, Short Stop
If you don’t always have time to dine in and it only takes a matter of minutes to get your burger -then this is the place you go.

  • Wild Card

This includes food trailers and restaurants not know for burgers that make a mean one. 

Other Random Categories:
Best Overall-
Best Mushroom Swiss-
Most Unique Burger-
Best Veggie Burger-
Best Undiscovered Burger-
Best Side-



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