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Austin Police Lure Rapper to Radio Station

Originally posted December 28th, 2015 

Dear Austin Police Department:

What the actual fuck?

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Several listeners contacted me on social media today (okay, one) inquiring why so many officers were in our parking lot. According to our sister station, NewsRadio KLBJ:

“Federal warrants for an aspiring Austin rapper lead to Austin police setting up a sting and successful arrest.

Shasirae Harvey, 33, who goes by the name of 24 Razorback was arrested for evading arrest with previous convication, possession of controlled substance with intent to deliver; unlawful possession of firearm by felon and possession of marijuana. Austin Police lured Harvey to our radio station under the pretense of an interview.”

That’s right. The APD [allegedly] lured a rapper to the station with the promise of listening to his demo tape. They used us as bait. I have a few thoughts on this matter:

(a) We play Led Zeppelin, AC/DC and Pink Floyd.

(b) It's completely reckless for the detectives to [allegedly] have used KLBJ 93.7 and our actual address as bait. People are idiots and will assume we had something to do with this (publicity stunt, collaborated with officers etc). Over the last few years, our station - specifically - and personalities have dealt with numerous threats from a variety of people online, at our offices, events and up-close in-person.

To fuel this flame is kind of insulting and irresponsible (literally had a nut bag here last week pounding on the glass and a dude that came inside our studios the week before).

So now, in addition to the constant stream of strange threats we have to deal with - thanks to APD, who did this without our knowledge or consent - we have to think about the potential for retaliation.

(c) What happened to the demo tape? 





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