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12 Reasons to Have a Drink Tonight

Drinking is really starting to get a bad rap. Why? Cracking a cold one while doing yard work, pouring a glass of wine at the end of the day or mixing up something harder is one of the absolute joys in life. It seems that everyone from law enforcement to doctors and even family members are bloggin about how dangerous our nation’s love affair with booze has become. Screw baseball, beer is the national pastime!

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After reading some weak ass blog about how much a bartender should be able to serve people, I decided to belly up to my keyboard and give a few reasons why I love to drink

It is a Social Lubricant

Let’s face it, communicating with strangers can be awkward for most of us. After a few happy hour margaritas, however, it becomes easier to get to know your co-workers, relate to another's persons struggles and crack jokes (people are always more likely to laugh when they are lit up and laughter is fun).

Furthermore, 88% of relationships would never have happened if one the partners did not have the liquid courage to approach the other. 


Drinking is Relaxing

Some days you just need to unwind! When I get off-air, I like to have some happy hour margaritas + tequila shots or just head straight home to swig some whiskey and down a few IPAs. After a deep breath the buzz kicks in and I’m less concerned about the things that were just stressing me out.


Fires Up Creativity

Alcohol has long been the fuel behind the fire of great minds. Writers, actors and musicians use the drug as part of their daily routine. Sometimes, when in an altered state, you see things differently and find ideas inside that you didn’t even know existed! 


You Don’t Want the Party to Stop

Remember how much we all laughed over nothing? Drinking is fun and life isn’t. So why be a buzzkill and stop the party when another sip will keep the fun going day-to-day?


To Forget 

There are just some things we are not able to deal with and do not want to remember. The past is a cruel wench that must be drown in a sea of suds.


To Fill the Deep Voids in Time

Fuck it’s boring. No matter how active you are sometimes the clock can not tick fast enough. Day drinking is one of my favorite ways to time travel.


You Grew up Watching Mom Drink Every Night

They say it runs in the family! Mom’s been doing it since you can remember and she seems fine. Well, actually it seems like this is the only thing that makes her happy and naturally, as you began to experiment, you noticed that as well.


Because it Hurts When you Don’t

There is a price to pay for drinking! Certainly we’ve all had hangovers but occasionally the aches and pains go deeper. Your body feverishly works to process the poison you put inside it. Eventually, you become more used to having alcohol in your system than not and spend all day in pain just waiting to get to the bar.


It’s the only thing you have ever been consistent about and good at

Remember how you could bong four beers in high school? Do a two minute keg stand in college? Could puke and rally after going too hard on the river? Binge drinking has become an art and you are a fucking Rembrandt. The one thing you’ve always been able to do, and do well, is get hammered. 


Because They Left you and are Never Coming Back

She doesn’t love you and never will. It’s been made clear that she would prefer the company of someone else - or even no one - than to spend time with you. So what? Part of the fun in drinking is meeting new people and telling the old ones to fuck off! You are not responsible for anyone else but yourself (and hopefully getting home with whoever you meet tonight).


You hate your job, you hate your life, and want it all to end sooner than later

Working, taking care of errands… it all sucks. What doesn’t? Having your roommate bring home a giant bottle of gas station merlot to chug. 


In the end, all of this means nothing

We are tiny specks of charged particles floating in a giant sea of empty energy. At any moment that could all end when a slightly bigger speck crashes into us. Even if that doesn't happen, eventually you will vanish. All that is you, all of your life’s accomplishments, everything you could have done means nothing at all.


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