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11 Tips for Surviving Austin

CJ Morgan is not a writer, he’s a grumpy asshat who rants about things and then posts them without proofreading. However, he’d love your angry feedback

Welcome to Austin, now get the fuck out.

I’m kidding, of course. Please spend some of your hard earned dollars enjoying our overpriced attractions.

Since I moved here after South-by in 2007 (the cut-off for being a REAL Austinite or whatever we call ourselves), I’ve had dozens of different friends come visit and repeatedly make the same mistakes again and again.

So, I thought I would write a few tips based off of our adventures. 

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1) No body likes a drunk

This isn’t New Orleans or Las Vegas baby. You can’t just walk around shit canned out of your brain all day long. This is still Texas where good Christians and archaic alcohol laws reign. We prey on drunken fools and eat them alive unlike other ‘party’ cities that just want you to keep spending cash.


2) Don’t do Dirty Sixth More than Once

Trust me, don’t. If you make it home without getting in a fight, arrested, losing your wallet, breaking your phone or worse; then you are lucky (this counts for every time you’ve ever visited the city btw).


3) Don’t buy Cocaine from Dudes standing outside of Shakespeare’s on 6th

It will probably be a bag of BC powder or kitchen cleaner.


4) Police Horses are not to be touched

These are not circus ponies and the men on top are not rodeo clowns.


5) Just skip out on Franklins, seriously

Anything with a line is not worth your time and you are being an asshole by making us all stand in it. There are plenty of other places to get equally good food/brunch/drinks that don’t have a line.


6) Take a ride share NOT a Taxi

I found that most of the folks driving for ride-sharing services to be polite and helpful.  Most of them love and work in Austin and know of a few good places to visit. The angry Romanian cab driver only seems to know the longest route from the airport to your hotel and refuses to drive short distances.


7) Charge your Phone and keep a charger with you

This seems like common sense but I’ve had so many friends show up drunk at 5am after being lost most of the night. If you are in a new city you are most likely going to be looking places up, Instagraming and texting all day. Just make sure you have enough juice to get back home!


8) Don’t scribble important info on a paper towel

Despite reading the advice given in numbers 2, 3, 6 and 7 you are going to end up drunk, broke, without a phone and lost in the back seat of a cab downtown. Unfortunately, the napkin you wrote the address on is smeared with Franklin’s BBQ sauce so now you’re stuck trying to remember which exit was by that Walgreens where you turn into the neighborhood.


9) Avoid any hip brunch place until after 3pm

There are some wonderful brunch hangouts in Austin but everyone seems to show up at the same time. Spare yourself the hangover and wait by sleeping in (those $2 mimosas aren’t going anywhere).


10) If you are in line at Franklin’s or Kerbey Lane, don’t light up a joint

Austin might seem like hip, free-minded place where you can just blaze up anywhere but it’s not. Though marijuana has been decriminalized in Travis County it is still illegal and likely to land you in jail if you are caught (same goes for whipping out your vape pen at a concert).


11) Don’t tell people you are from California and ask for hook-ups

No one likes to be hit up for free shit and the anything you could say to sound like more of an asshat would be to include that you’re from LA.


12) Watch where you Pee!

First off, it’s gross. Second, you will get a ticket or go to jail – as you should. 


13) Go on r/Austin

It is full of angry shit whistles who create nothing other than bland snark. They spend all day commenting on meaningless threads and tearing down garbage click-bait such as this. 

“What’s a good Mexican food place on Manor?” 


Thanks Reddit!

Extra observations:

-leave your gun at home

-no- she doesn't want to fuck you

-always prepare for bad traffic

-anyplace with water will be packed


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