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Tomlinson's Annual Pound 4 Pound Pet Food Drive

This year they plan to help benefit over 40 local Pet Rescues

Photo: Tomlinson's

Tomlinson's is a 4th generation famliy owned pet food/supply store that's been rockin Austin for 72 years! They're a "naturally smarter pet supplies" store with 15 locations around town. Every year they do a Pound 4 Pound 'foodraiser' that collects pet food for local animal rescues. It's easy. Through Christmas Eve, donate a bag of pet food when you checkout from a Tomlinson's and one of their manufactures will match your donation pound for pound! Last year they raised almost 200,000 pounds of pet food (multiple 18-Wheelers) for over 30 local rescues!.


This year, Tomlinson's wants to help over 40 local rescues! Kate, from Tomlinson's, stopped by Local Insights to tell you all about the Pound 4 Pound event. Spread the word!

Tomlinson's needs YOUR help to break last years record of 194,551 lbs pounds of pet food for Central Texas rescues!

Tomlinson's Pound 4 Pound Pet Food Drive

Watch this video to see what your support of Tomlinson's Pound 4 Pound Pet Food Drive means to pets looking for forever homes!

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