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Scammers Target City of Austin


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Scammers are the worst! There has been an uptick of miscreants trying to scam City of Austin Utility customers. If you receive a phone call demanding you pay now or suffer the consequences, you're probably getting scammed. The City of Austin will NEVER call you and ask for immediate payment via some random form of payment, bitcoin, or encouraging you to run to your ATM or else. If you receive one of these types of scams call 512-974-200 and report the number and gist of the call to the city immediately.


Jennifer Herber, City of Austin Utilities Spokesperson, stopped by Local Insights to warn you about all the nasty scams going on to Austin customers. If you've been a victim of these scams, or have any questions at all about your bill, call the City of Austin directly at 512-974-2000. Spread the word and DON'T FALL FOR THE CALL!

For more info on LEGIT forms of payment to the City of Austin and for helpful tips to advoid scammers, visit!

Scammers Target City of Austin

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