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Friendly Reminder To Defrost The Dang Ol Turkey

And other holiday things you should know about.

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I have two pieces of advice for you this Thanksgiving my fellow Rowdy Rockers.

1. Wear sweat pants for the rest of the week so you don't constantly have to be reminded about how much food you've eaten.


2. Defrost the dang ol turkey before you drop it in the deep fryer. I mean, unless you want to end up on another Holiday fail video. Seriously... and Enjoy Responsibly!

If you survive your frying experience and your family... Come out to the 30th Annual Chuy's Children Giving To Children Parade on Saturday 11/24 at 11am to benefit Austin Police Operation Blue Santa.


That is all for now... until next time... Happy Thanksgiving, Rowdy Rockers!

Do you or your family partake in the annual tradition of trashing the sides of roadways in Austin? If so, please remember to go back and pick up after yourself. Read all about this trashy tradition... HERE!
Holiday Tradition of Littering in Austin


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