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Dave Grohl Says "You'll Never Be Better Than 'KISS Guy'"

Yayo Sanchez Is L-I-V-I-N the dream!

Holy S! Almost 2 1/2 months after "KISS Guy" (Yayo Sanchez) completely blew the minds of Dave Grohl, the Foo Fighters, and everyone in attendance at the SOLD-OUT Austin360 Amphitheater show away, Dave Grohl is still talking about the moment. A few days after the concert, Yayo stopped by my studio to share the real story on how he got to play "Monkey Wrench" on stage with the Foo Fighters. Have you wondered what KISS Guy has been up to? Well, he released his original single 'Mothership' on iTunes, had his song make the charts of Alternative Music, has been hobnobbing with rock stars, filmed a video with the KLBJ gang, catching some live music in Austin, and just waiting for that phone call from Dave.


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Do you think Yayo left an impression on the Foo Fighters? Dave Grohl has given "KISS Guy" multiple shout-out at shows across America and just did it again at a show in Belgium. Can you imagine the world's biggest rock star doing a 3 minute diatribe to a sold-out show about YOU? I can't. Yayo is literally living the dream and we couldn't be more proud/happy for him. Here's what Yayo had to say after watching this video from Dave dropping the "KISS Guy" truth to all the Foo Fighters fans out there. "Its so insane to watch a video of my hero Dave Grohl talk about me at his show on the other side of the planet. And have the audience know who he is talking about! Haha but for the record.. I am VERY aware that I am NOT the best guitarist in the world. Dave Scher. Nuff said. BUT I AM so grateful for the shout out from the almighty Dave Grohl!!!!"

The little video Dylan, CJ Morgan and I made with KISS Guy has over 100k views! lulz. Here's what Yayo said about 'working' with us. "Making the KLBJ KISS Guy video was hilarious! B-DOE, CJ and Dylan are the masterminds behind the whole thing. We jumped in the KLBJ truck and hit streets it only took a few hours! So fun!"

Yayo bumped into Gregg Rolie in the studio. "Gregg is such a rad dude!!!!! I feel beyond blessed to be under the Rolie Wing. Check out his new album called Sonic Ranch!" - Yayo

KISS Guy and Greg Rollie

Yayo is literally living the dream, and rocking some sweet new Gibson guitars. "Gibson reaching out to me after the Foo show was crazy and obviously a dream come true! Thank you so much!" - Yayo

KISS Guy Rocks With Gibson

Yayo's song 'Mothership' made the ROCK CHARTS! Keep calling your local stations and requesting his killer song! "I Can't believe I charted top 100!! Thanks to B-DOE and LA Lloyd and everyone at KLBJ and all the radio stations around the US that helped play my song!! So many dreams come true this month!!" -Yayo

KISS Guy Makes the Alternative Rock Chart

Here we are WORLD PREMIERING the song live on 93.7 KLBJ. You can buy the song on iTunes!

Want the skinny on how Yayo was asked onstage at the Foo Fighters show and what it felt like to rock in front of thousands? He tells you all about it right HERE!

And if you've lived under a rock for the last few months and never saw the actual footage of Yayo aka "KISS Guy" rockin with the Foo, well here ya go, AND BUY 'MOTHERSHIP' ON iTunes TO SUPPORT THIS BAD ASS ROWDY ROCKER!

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Will they make a movie of Yayo's epic Rock N Roll experience? They probably should. Till then, I'll just be excited to watch the Freddie Mercury biopic due out in November. Check out the trailer for 'Bohemian Rhapsody', HERE!

Trailer for Bohemian Rhapsody

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