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College Mascot Teaches 7th Grader Physics

WATCH Goldy the Gopher Execute F=ma

Video: (KLBJ) 93.7 KLBJ

Remember Physics class in Middle School? I don't. I didn't take physics class until High School, but Goldy the Gopher took it upon himself to teach a 7th grader how to find Force during halftime of a Minnesota Vikings game. College Mascots took place in a game vs a local Middle School football team and apparently the mascots took it pretty seriously. As far as I know, the 7th grader in question is ok and definitely has a leg up on his classmates in the realm of physics


If given the chance to score a touchdown on a professional field... would you have acted any different than Goldy the Gopher? I doubt it. He's got nice TD celebration moves as well. Happy belated BDAY to Goldy 'the savage' Gopher as well!!!

Goldy the Gopher is kinda big deal and frequently places high in National Championships.


You know who else is kinda big deal? Otis the Destroyer that's who. Don't miss their album release party for 'Keep Bashing', Sept 29th at Hotel Vegas!

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