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Burn Off Holiday Calories With These Easy Moves

Remember when all we feared from Russia was the ferocity of their twerking?

A). I want to go back to the time when all I cared about was the tenacity of the twerking coming out of Russia, not the threat of WWIII.

B). We all get fat as hell during the holidays, so why not pass along some tips to burn some of those holiday inches off our waistlines.

Well Russia, you get me, you really get me. Here is yet another installment of From Russia With Love. I was hot on the case of this 'Russian Twerking Craze' when I first heard of this dance troupe in Russia taking the twerking sensation to a whole new level. As I first reported 6 months ago, these ladies have a fever, and the only cure is twerking. Thank you.

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The workout these ladies have choreographed burns at LEAST a couple hundred calories when they do the dance, and also when you watch them do the dance. Good lord Mother Russia, may your hobbies and talents never cease to amaze me. Does anyone in Austin have these kind of moves? If so, film your answer to this Rooskie Dance Battle and send it in to me. Lookin at you Adam Wolf and Russell. Warning: Language NSFW.

Have you ever wondered what a 'Twerk Off' battle from Russia would look like? SPOILER ALERT" Everybody gets served.

From Russia With Boobs


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