The Mullet Cocoon: A Documentary

B-DOE's Mullet Cocoon

The Mullet Cocoon: A Documentary. This is the film you didn’t know existed, but truly need in your life. How has your pandemic experience been when it comes to your dome? Have you braved a haircut in the last 7 months? I gave up caring and went full on castaway since March 13th. There was actually a moment when I looked in the mirror and I didn’t recognize the jabroni staring back at me. I knew it was time. THANKFULLY, Leah from Lotus Blue Hair Salon reached out. She stated she was a Rowdy Rocker and wanted to help birth the mullet from its cocoon. I said yes. Now I can’t imagine an existence without it. Sit back, relax, and enjoy The Mullet Cocoon: A Documentary. And if you have ANY hairstyle needs… hit up Leah today! She really is a Rowdy Rocker!


It was  a long strange trip to say the least. Check out The Mullet Cocoon journey in pictures!

B-DOE’S Mullet Cocoon Journey in Pictures

Need more of my AMAZING filmmaking skills in your life? Check out this video of a day in my life here on both my shows at the Radio Ranch!

B-DOE in studio with beard

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