Flip Flop to the World 2020

Flip Flop to the World

Flip Flop to the World 2020! What does that mean? Spruce Dickerson had a dream to send hope and love to people who were less fortunate around the world. Flip Flop to the World is the nonprofit she created to see her dream become a reality. Since 2012 she’s delivered well over 17,000 flip flops to people around the world in need from the United States, Puerto Rico, Nigeria, to Mexico. Flip flops provide protection for feet and help prevent disease and infection. Sometimes this is the only footwear the individual has ever ‘owned’. This year the drive will help benefit people in need in the Philippines.

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Founder of Flip Flop to the World, Spruce Dickerson, stopped by Local Insights. She shares how her experience as Miss Plus America Elite 2011 influenced her philanthropic drive. For just $1 you can give so much to someone who has very little. So, every year she holds a flip flop drive from June 1st to August 31st. Snap a pic of you holding the flip flops and it will be attached so the recipient can see you. You’ll be providing a pair of flip flops, and also hope, love, and encouragement to those receiving them. Spread the word and stop by one of the 5 collection barrels around Austin to donate through August 31st.


Stop by one of the 5 donation locations TODAY and drop off a pair of child, teen, or adult size to help those in need in the Philippines. Give… so that others may live!

Flip Flop to the World donation drive


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We Are Blood

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