Central Texas Food Bank Needs OUR Help

Central Texas Food Bank

Central Texas Food Bank needs our help. This is an understatement. What we are seeing now is simply unprecedented. There’s been a 207% increase in NEW people seeking help from CTFB. Right now, the biggest need for the nonprofit is monetary donations.  Your money will be used to buy groceries and make Food Boxes consisting of 28 pounds of shelf-stable groceries distributed through drive thru. The CTFB anticipates having to distribute a minimum of 25,000 Food Boxes a week! If you are healthy and able, the CTFB also is in need to help distribute all this food.

Derrick Chubbs, president and CEO of the Central Texas Food Bank, stopped by Local Insights to share just how dire the need for food is in Central Texas right now. Chubbs says, “If this things ended next week, the ripple effect will still last for MONTHS ahead.”  If you have the ability to donate financially to help feed our fellow Central Texans, please do.  If you, or someone you know, needs food, visit CentralTexasFoodBank.org and click FIND FOOD NOW.

If you need food, visit CentralTexasFoodBank.org and click Find Food Now.

Find Food Now with Central Texas Food Bank


If you are healthy and able, the Central Texas Food Bank needs volunteers to help distribute all the Food Boxes to our hungry neighbors.

Central Texas Food Bank Volunteer




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