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Photo: (KLBJ) 93.7 KLBJ / B-DOE Holy S! Almost 2 1/2 months after "KISS Guy" (Yayo Sanchez) completely blew the minds of Dave Grohl, the Foo Fighters, and everyone in attendance at the SOLD-OUT Austin360 Amphitheater show away, Dave Grohl is still talking about the moment. A few...
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Photo: (KLBJ) 93.7 KLBJ / B-DOE The Flatwater Foundation has been helping individuals diagnosed with cancer, and their families, gain "access to mental health therapy and family support" at NO cost for almost a decade. They say a cancer diagnoses can create waves in someone's...
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Photo: B-DOE Have you ever wanted to be a mentor in a child's life? Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Central Texas help mentor over 1,000 kids every year. Even with all the great volunteers, there is still a waiting list of 400-600 kids who are looking for Big Brothers or Big...
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Photo: B-DOE Do you have a fever and the only cure is filmmaking? Then you should learn more about the Austin Film Society . Richard Linklater (you might've heard of this guy) founded the AFS back in 1985 to help empower and support people from the community who wanted to work...
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Photo: B-DOE Have you heard about Cohen Veterans Network ? They serve Veterans and their families with high-quality, integrated, accessible health care at little to NO cost. All Veterans will be seen at the Killeen clinic regardless of their role while in the military, discharge...
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Photo: B-DOE Have you ever ran the track at Austin High School? Did you do it to train for the Olympics, or just because it's one of your Austin traditions? The track at Austin High gets used by everyone from world class athletes, to average folks who enjoy using the track to...
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YouTube: 20th Century Fox YES! Finally a biopic worthy of Freddie Mercury's greatness is coming to a theater near you! Bohemian Rhapsody, which stars Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury, will hit theaters November 2nd. We all know Freddie is in the top 3 of greatest lead singers in...
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Photo: Alzheimer's Association Did you know Alzheimer's is "a progressive, degenerative disease that will kill brain cells and may lead to loss of brain function." Chances are someone you know will be diagnosed with the debilitating disease in your lifetime. The Alzheimer's...
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Photo: The Trail Foundation Get ready to RUN SWEAT PARTY at the 15th Annual Maudie's Moonlight Margarita Run and Party to benefit The Trail Foundation ! It's going down June 7th, so get registered today. This fun event helps raise money to support TTF which is "dedicated to...