Go Mitch Go! An Amazing Organization Raising Funds To Find A Cure For Blood Cancer And So Much More!

Posted 4/15/2014 12:20:00 PM

Go Mitch Go has raised close to ONE million dollars towards blood cancer research and awareness since its inception back in 2009. A young boy named Mitchell, who succumbed to a blood cancer at the age of 10, is the inspiration behind this hard working nonprofit. Mitchell was always one to inspire other children with cancer, and left his legacy with the words "Keep Fighting" after battling the blood cancer the best he could. Go Mitch Go helps athletes that fundraise for them train for endurance races, raise awareness about blood cancer, raise money to fund research for blood cancer cures, and helps families dealing with blood cancer diagnoses. Wow. That is a lot of good from just one nonprofit. They are able to achieve such lofty goals through fundraising throughout the year. Coming up on May 3rd the Keep Fighting Run Festival in will be held at Gupton Stadium in Cedar ...

Prom Rack Is This Saturday March, 29th!

Posted 3/27/2014 11:02:00 AM

Gigi Edwards Bryant is an amazing woman who has been helping young ladies in foster care get dresses for prom who would otherwise not be able to afford them for over a decade. She missed her prom because she couldn't afford a dress, so for 10 years she's helped over 1,000 young ladies going through foster care in Central Texas be able to enjoy the event. Find out how you can help support this amazing organization that makes dreams come true, and also how you can benefit from them if you're a young woman in the same situation. The big Prom Rack event is March 29th at Mount Sinai Baptist Church. Get more details, donate cash or in kind donations, by visiting writetome.org You can also donate a new or gently used dress at any Westbank Dry Cleaning location throughout the year.  

Enlightened Warriors Host The Throwdown At The Nutty Brown Friday Feb. 21st!

Posted 2/20/2014 1:01:00 PM

Nael Chavez believes through discipline, hard work, determination, and guidance, a troubled youth can overcome any obstacle. Since he founded Enlightened Warriors in 2008, Nael has been working hard to help young boys and girls find virtue and purpose in life. The Enlightened Warriors work with kids grades 5th-9th to instill power and hope into their lives. EW offers many programs throughout the year, even a summer camp, and has partnered with many other organizations to better the lives of over 1,500 children a year. Come out Friday February 21st to the Throwdown at the Nutty Brown to help raise some money for this amazing organization. The card for the evening is exciting, and by purchasing a ticket, you can help fund the Enlightened Warriors. See ya there! Get more info and buy your tickets at EnlightenedWarriors.org or cagetix.com

Hear the Red Lion, host of the Throwdown, give a mighty roar ...

Taco Ciego With The National Federation Of The Blind!

Posted 2/10/2014 1:20:00 PM

Ritchie Flores shares the mission of the National Federation of the Blind on this episode of Local Insights. The NFB's goal is to help blind people find equal opportunities in the workplace, society, and life in general. They help set up mentorships, provide educational courses and classes, and have youth programs to help knock down any barriers that exist today. Come out to Taco Ciego (Blind Taco) at Maria's Taco XPress April 28th to see and hear what it's like to be blind. Taco Ciego is an amazing and educational experience, and an opportunity to ask any blind related question you've ever wanted answered. Fore more information, visit http://www.nfbaustin.org/

7th Annual Jam Fest This Sunday At The Belmont!

Posted 1/15/2014 1:07:00 PM

James Mays runs shop over at the Band Aid School of Music. The school has produced state wide, and national teen band champions. This Sunday, the school hosts the 7th Annual Jam Fest at The Belmont to benefit the Eanes Education Foundatioin. The day features 12 rocking teen bands competing for studio time and a photo shoot, plus the juice to tell everyone on the street they're the 7th Ann. Jam Fest CHAMPS! Tickets are only 5 bucks, doors are at noon, and the winner will be crowned at 5:30. I'll be helping judge the event, so if nothing else, come watch and enjoy my discomfort at judging teenagers who just wanna rock! Find out more abut what James is up to by clicking bandaidschoolofmusic.com. See you this Sunday, January 19th at The Belmont! Doors at noon and rock all day!


Rise School Of Austin

Posted 1/13/2014 1:27:00 PM

The Rise School of Austin is an amazing school where traditional learners and children with developmental disabilities learn side by side in a cohesive group. Executive Director, Emily Greer, explains why it's so important to reach these children early in the process to provide the maximum benefits, and shares great success stories from children attending Rise. Visit the riseschoolaustin.org to find out more about them, and how to get in contact with the school if you feel your child would benefit from this setting.

On January 21st Mack and Sally Brown will break ground on the brand new Rise School of Austin at 4800 Manor Road. The Brown family has consistently supported the school, and look forward to helping the school grow to meet the needs of more children. Come out and celebrate the day of ground breaking starting at 10:30am.  

Hand To Hold

Posted 12/18/2013 1:03:00 PM

Hand To Hold is a nonprofit that "provides ongoing support, education and navigation resources to parents and serves to fill the service gap that currently exists for families who have had a child in the NICU or who experienced a loss. By providing a holistic approach to preemie care in partnership with leaders in the field of prematurity and child health and development, Hand to Hold has the power to improve the lives of parents of preemies, babies born with special health care needs and those that experience a loss due to these challenges."  - HANDTOHOLD.org Kelli Kelley is the founder and Executive Director of Hand To Hold. She went through a premature pregnancy and realized there were no support groups for women and families going through a premature birth, or raising a preemie. Hand To Hold provides that network of support for families of preemies, and she highly encourages you ...

Help The OHYSA Rebuild Oak Hill.

Posted 11/7/2013 1:21:00 PM

Stephen Bega, President of the Oak Hill Youth Sports Association, stops by to tell you all about OHYSA. Recent high volume downpours of rain have decimated the playing fields at Oak Hill Youth Sports Association. The massive amount of debris left behind can and is being cleaned up by volunteers, but the fields themselves have literally been destroyed and will have to be rebuilt. In total, 6 baseball and 2 softball fields affecting 1,200 players need major repairs and the OHYSA needs your help! The goal is to have the fields fixed in time for the spring season. The OHYSA has been a place for youth to play sports and learn life lessons since 1967 in Austin, Texas. Many awesome companies have come together throughout the community to help "Rebuild Oak Hill". Listen to this episode to see how you can help by attending a fundraising gala, or visiting one of ...

Love Hope Strength Helps Find Bone Marrow Transplant Matches!

Posted 10/12/2013 11:06:00 AM

James Chippendale is the co-founder of Love Hope Strength. Since it's inception 7 years ago, LHS has found 750 bone marrow transplant matches world wide. James is a bone marrow transplant survivor, and now it's his mission to travel the world with music and have people get registered to be bone marrow transplant donors. He shares the story of his own transplant, and lets you know how you can save someone's life on this episode of Local Insights. If you're planning on attending the Austin City Limits Music Festival, make sure you stop by the ACL Cares area and get signed up with Love Hope Strength. If you won't be making the festival, there is still a way to get registered in the database, just listen to the show to find out more!

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The Austin City Limits Music Festival Is Changing The Way Festivals Leave An Imprint On The Environment And Learn About The Nature Conservancy.

Posted 10/1/2013 1:10:00 PM

The Austin City Music Festival is TWO weekends this year, and I can't wait! The festival isn't all about music though, it also focuses on the community and environment, and I bet you didn't know that! Emily Stengel, Event Services Manager of C3 Presents, shares all the awesome initiatives that C3 is working on to help keep the city beautiful all year round, the ways the festival itself reduces its footprint, and the ACL Cares area that showcases some amazing nonprofits inside the festival grounds!

Laura Huffman is the State Director of the Nature Conservancy, one of the nonprofits that will be in the ACL Cares. Plus, you'll learn about the great things the Nature Conservancy is doing to protect not only Texas's land and water, but the worlds. Tune in every Sunday this month to hear from a different nonprofit that will be at ACL Cares during both ACL ...