Help The OHYSA Rebuild Oak Hill.
Posted 11/7/2013 1:21:00 PM

Stephen Bega, President of the Oak Hill Youth Sports Association, stops by to tell you all about OHYSA. Recent high volume downpours of rain have decimated the playing fields at Oak Hill Youth Sports Association. The massive amount of debris left behind can and is being cleaned up by volunteers, but the fields themselves have literally been destroyed and will have to be rebuilt. In total, 6 baseball and 2 softball fields affecting 1,200 players need major repairs and the OHYSA needs your help! The goal is to have the fields fixed in time for the spring season. The OHYSA has been a place for youth to play sports and learn life lessons since 1967 in Austin, Texas. Many awesome companies have come together throughout the community to help "Rebuild Oak Hill". Listen to this episode to see how you can help by attending a fundraising gala, or visiting one of the businesses donating proceeds to OHYSA.

Learn more about OHYSA HERE.

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