Anthropos Arts Helps The Youth Rock At Life!
Posted 9/27/2013 12:02:00 PM

Dylan Jones and Anthropos Arts have been helping low income middle/high school kids find confidence, direction, and self esteem through music for 15 years in Austin, Texas. The kids they work with have a 100% graduation, even though the school is at a 60% rate. Hear the stories of the kids Anthropos Arts has helped on this episode of Local Insights. Anthropos Arts will have a few opportunities soon for you to get out and help them out, so if you are inspired to do so, please do so. If you're going to either weekend of Austin City Limits Music Festival, make sure you stop by and say hi at the ACL Cares area of the festival. ACL Cares will be directly to your right if you enter through the main entrance.

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