Sherwood Forest Faire

· 1883 Old Hwy 20, McDade TX 78650
· Saturday, February 08, 2014 to Sunday, March 30, 2014
· Weekends From 10a-7p

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The Best New Renaissance Festival in the Nation is about to open for its 5th Season near Austin. Sherwood Forest Faire will be open weekends Feb 8 - Mar 30 plus Spring Break Friday Mar 14.

Sherwood Forest Faire is a Renaissance Festival based on the tales of Robin Hood and his Merry Men set on a 23-acre permanent village in the Lost Pines region of Texas just east of Austin with more than 100 permanent shoppes, pubs, restaurants and stages.

The 2014 Entertainment Line-up is on their website now and it includes 59 acts to entertain the estimated 10 thousand patrons per weekend. Visitors will see returning favorites such as Paolo Garbonzo the Juggling Fool, Sky Kings Falconry, music by Saxon Moon and VaNa MaZi, and the New Riders of the Golden Age Full Contact Jousting. Additions for 2014 include the Washing Well Wenches (Good Clean Fun - Wet Dirty Women!) and the Brothers Dracul (medieval acrobatics and stunts) for all 8 weekends. Sherwood Forest also has myriad entertainers stopping by for a weekend or three. One of the top music acts on the national renaissance faire circuit, Circa Paleo, will be returning to Sherwood's Elven Hill Stage on the 3 day weekend Mar 14 - 16.

For the Austin and Central Texas music lovers, Sherwood will have 27 Live Bands over the course of their 8 weekends. On any given weekend, there are at least 10 live music acts.

Have you heard of Robin Hood’s Feast? In the tales of Yore, Robin Hood and his Merry Men would kidnap wealthy merchants, nobility, and clergy, and have them partake in an elaborate feast. Then came the shake down of course! Robin's Feast is a two hour, six course meal with bottomless wine, mead, ale, and other beverages. Friar Tuck and Mistress Magnus will regale you with tales while introducing you to several of the Sherwood Acts who stop by for a few minutes of entertainment. Robin Hood will be there of course and who knows, Royalty could stop by at any moment. Seating is limited so you may want to book early.