Host a Student

· Austin
· Saturday, June 8, 2013 to Saturday, June 29, 2013
· Any Time

Hello, cool people of Austin, Texas!
I own a Language Testing and Training Center down in Queretaro,Mexico. I am married to Bill Stidham, a great artist and proud Austinite and have been living in Austin for 5 years now. So now I have groups of students come to Austin to immerse in the English language and to enjoy your cool town.
This summer we will be having a group of professors from ITESM (Tec de Monterrey) coming for 3 weeks. Tec de Monterrey is one of the largest multi-campus universities in Mexico and Latin America. DATES: June 8th - 29th
WHAT WE NEED: Families, couples or cool roommates that live rather south or central and that have a spare room with a private bathroom and internet.
1. Pick up your guest at the airport on the arrival day
2. Let them use your guest room with private bathroom and your laundry room and internet.
3. Feed them breakfast and dinner:
Breakfast ( juice, coffee, toast, cereal, eggs, whatever you normally have)
Dinner (sit with you at the table every night and have dinner together or just hang out in a more informal setting. This is the most important time, as this is probably the only chance they'll have to interact with you and practice their English in a natural setting.
4. Drop them off every morning if possible or just show them the closest bus stop. Just help them figure that one out. We will be buying bus passes on Sunday 9th. Classes will begin at 9 am and will be over by 4 or 5 pm and they will be held at the conference rooms of Saint Edward’s University.
5. Drop them off at the airport on their departure day Weekends we will either have something planned with them or I'm sure they will want to explore on their own. They might spend a little time at home, but that depends on each one of them. These are grown up and cool professors with Masters and PhDs, in their 30s and 40s, probably 50s just wanting and needing to improve their English. Very easy to deal with.
PAYMENT FOR YOUR INVALUABLE HELP: $1,000.00 dls (One thousand dollars)
So, if you're interested, please let me know as soon as possible so we can talk!
Livi Rodriguez Stidham
(512) 981-0858