The Phenomenon, Bruno Groening: On the Tracks of a Miraculous Healer

· Austin Center for Spiritual Living, 5555 N. Lamar, Ste. D-155
· Sunday, February 10, 2013
· 6:30p

A documentary film, The Phenomonen, Bruno Groening: On the Tracks of the Miracle Healer, will debut on Sunday, February 10, 1-6:30 p.m. at the Austin Center for Spiritual Living, 5555 N. Lamar, Ste. D-155, Austin. Hosted by the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends, the film is being shown free of charge.


Bruno Groening (1906-1959) was a German man who exhibited a healing influence on people and animals from the time he was a child. As an adult he had various occupations as a carpenter, factory laborer, postal worker and electrician before serving as a soldier in the army in World War II, when he became a prison of war. After the war he moved to Western Germany as a refugee and, shortly thereafter, became the center of public attention.


In 1949, Groening helped a young boy in Germany recover completely from muscular dystrophy when all medical help had failed. The news spread and hundreds of thousands of people flocked to hear him speak wherever he appeared. Miraculous healing occurred—the blind could see, the lame could walk, chronic ailments disappeared, “incurable” conditions were gone—and Groening became an international media sensation. Government officials and the medical professional fought him, and the media alternately sang his praises or vilified him.


This five-hour film (with two intermissions) documents the dramatic events of Groening’s life with over 50 eyewitness interviews, original film and sound recordings from that time, and re-enactments.


Additional showings are planned for March 10 and April 14, although the venue has not been determined. For more information:,


This film, however, is more than a fleeting glance at the past. Many viewers have reported feeling a tingling, or a power, like a current, in their bodies, or the disappearance of pain or ailments while watching the film. Although Groening died in 1959, remarkable healings continue to be reported, which are medically documented by physicians and other health professionals.


Two film trailers provide a glimpse of the film’s contents:

Film trailer 1: (12 minutes)

Film trailer 2: (23 minutes)


Groening taught how to receive a natural healing energy that he called heilstorm (healing stream). He never accepted credit for any healings, and said, “God is the ultimate physician. Nothing is incurable.”


An introductory lecture about the Circle of Friends is set for Sunday, February 17, 5-6:30 p.m. at the Austin Center for Spiritual Living. Additional introductory talks are planned for Sundays, March 17 and April 21.


The Bruno Groening Circle of Friends is a non-profit organization without any religious affiliations. Today, with over 3,000 communities, it is one of the largest organizations worldwide for healing on the spiritual path. People seeking help and those who are interested can learn free of charge how to absorb this healing energy. No medical consultations, examinations or treatments take place and the group does not advise against medical treatment.


All events, books, DVDs, CDs are available free of charge, provided by voluntary donations. For additional information about the Circle of Friends:,







Bruno Groening, The Phenomenon: On the Tracks of the Miracle Healer

Sunday, February 10, 1-6:30 p.m. (with two intermissions)

Austin Center for Spiritual Living

5555 N. Lamar, Suite D-115

Austin, TX 78703

Free of charge. Donations appreciated.


Film trailers:

Film trailer 1: (12 minutes)

Film trailer 2: (23 minutes)


Additional showings, location and time to be determined:

Sunday, March 10

Sunday, April 14