Dudley and Bob Show 1-30-2014
Posted 1/30/2014 6:40:00 AM

*Why do we itch? It's actually a lot harder thing to explain than you may realize, because there seems to be no particular reason why we itch. We might have figured out a biological reason: a chemical that tells us to scratch.

*Dale got a new sports car. We're still waiting to hear what it is.

*The Rembrandts DID have a hit before the Friends theme song. It's called "Just the Way It Is, Baby." And we played it on KLBJ back in the day.

*Name the only two letters in the English alphabet that can not form a two-letter word. Asnwer: C and V.

*We just gave Carissa her license. She is now a licensed associate producer.

*Dale was trying to troll Carissa with this cellphones-can-pop-popcorn, but Daniel ruined it and pointed out that it was fake before she got a chance to "explain" it.

*And the tweet of the day goes to...

*FINALLY we got to the sports car story. Surprise surprise, there was a hot lady involved. Surprise twist: the hot lady was actually Dale's wife. He spotted a really good looking ass from across the dealership and then realized it was Amanda.

*His new car is *drum roll please* A FORD TAURUS. Look at that body.


*Unfortunately it's not actually the Model T (which is arguably more age appropriate).


*We're all considering the kinds of jobs we could get on a cruise ship after we read this story about how a big chunk of people got sick on a cruise. Could you imagine that? Being stuck on a ship while you're ****ing your guts out.

*Cariss will never have a boyfriend like this.

*News flash: people are still upset over how schools got confused on how to handle all the ice the other day. One kid was apparently told to "walk home." The kid only lived a mile away.

*A Trojan ad that is age-appropriate, made some people feel funny, and made Carissa cry.

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