Dudley and Bob Show 1-13-2014
Posted 1/13/2014 7:01:00 AM

*The last Grand Theft Auto video game outsold ALL OF MUSIC.

*Carissa doesn't like windmills. But the rest of us can get excited for the idea of tiny windmills that could easily charge larger devices.

*This video reminded Dale of Carissa.

*The Supreme Court is going to hear a case about how some people want to be able to lie in advertisements: "an anti-abortion group's claim that Ohio's False Statement Law violates free speech."

*Diane Keaton accepted Woody Allen's Golden Globe lifetime something blah award. And it was really weird. Who watches this stuff???

*Speaking of Woody Allen, here's the story that Dale was talking about: Allen's son Ronan and ex-partner Mia Farrow were tweeting (and reminding everyone) that Woody isn't exactly the best human being.

*Louie Gohmert doesn't seem to be a fan of single mothers, especially when they receive welfare checks.

*Once again, THANK YOU Colorado. A sushi restaurant is informing people of good food-and-weed pairings. And they're actually going to serve it to you.


*Some penis facts for you, including why semen is good and where the bodily command to ejaculate comes from.

*This is what happens when you come out to your very religious mother as an atheist.

*VIDEOS FOR MATT BEARDEN ONLY: Horse -1 Dude - 0 & Cow -1 Woman - 0.

*A strip club in Miami was temporarily closed pending an investigation into whether or not they let a 13-year-old strip. And everyone is in a little hubbub about it.

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