Dudley and Bob Show 1-10-2014
Posted 1/10/2014 6:49:00 AM

*Yesterday was one of the FUNNIEST Sideshows. Daniel is ****ing gold. Just gold. If you missed it, listen to the podcast.

*Want to go to New Branfels? It seems they're trying to keep you out. They're considering a $5 tubing fee.

*A woman's Facebook profile was suspended because she gave live updates of her home birth and apparently some people were very offended by the photos. However, as someone who's seen birth before, Dale thinks that Facebook was in the right.

*You know how Dale said that he wasn't going to drink or go on social media for a month? Yeah, well, that's gonna end on Saturday.

*Mmmm....look at the curves on that one and the wood on the other. These lovely ladies were provided by Dulce Vida Tequila and Garrison Brothers Distillery. These spirits are beautiful, guys. Just beautiful.


*We made the new interns (cause there are foru now) cut a little jingle for the Life Doctors segment.

*We can give up our anti-depressants now, because apparently meditation works just as well.

*More 70s perfume commercials. Enjoy.

*Unfortunately it wasn't Sexercise. But it was Aerobicise.

*Oral sex between teens could be a felony in Virginia. The proposed laws are big jumble of misdemeanors and felonies related to sex acts between consenting adults.

*Whoah! Pat Robertson healed a toothache!

*Thanks to everyone who donated to our Breaking and Entering fundraiser. We talked to the families today *sniff sniff*...definitely didn't tear up. All of you Warriors out there make these kinds of moments possible. Thank you.

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