Dudley and Bob Show 1-9-2014 w/ David Huntsberger
Posted 1/9/2014 6:56:00 AM

*David Huntsberger in the studio!

*First thing this morning we learned that Daniel isn't completely unconvinced that magic might be real. For instance, when he was watching David Blaine his thoughts range from "Wow, that's a really cool trick" to "Wow, this guy might be the devil incarnate." QUOTE OF THE DAY: "I don't like magic because there are no answers." - Daniel

*Johnny Football is going pro. Manziel is going to the NFL draft, but how well do y'all think he's going to do?

*More fantasy football talk. Which is great if you like fantasy football. The one thing we can ALL take from it is the question that Bob asked: why do sports fans only where jerseys and not the whole outfit?

*The gun show will not be coming to Travis County. There was a stand-off between Travis County Commissioners, who wanted background checks, and the Saxet Gun Show, who did not.

*Good new, guys. It's global cooling, not global warming. According to Pat Robertson.

*That Windsong perfume commercial song.

*Bryan Fischer and some other old people don'e get "trolling." They think the proposed Satanic statue for in front of the Oklahoma capitol is a serious threat. And he freaks out about it (1:30).

*Married people out there. Dale recommends This is 40. Really funny and realy accurate.

*David Huntsberger came by. He talked to us about horseshoes. No joke! Apparently he grew up in some sort of country/farm situation. We also think that Matt may have a crush on him. He kept going on about how awesome and smart he is and about how much the ladies love him. Don't lie, Matt. You like him. But hey, we all do. And if you like him enough, you'll see him at Cap City Comedy Club this weekend.

*And if you really REALLY like him, check out Professor Blastoff, a podcast that he's on. It's preeeeeeeeetty good.


Trying to get in shape during 2014? Here's your theme song. Start pumping, y'all.

*Jon Stewart totally calls out all of the TV hosts and media people who have been coming out as anti-pot. Mainly their ridiculous claims about marijuana use. And how they treat this like it's Pot-mageddon or something.

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