Dudley and Bob Show 1-7-2013
Posted 1/7/2014 6:51:00 AM

*Dale finally came out and said what his diet was. Ideal Protein. So there. (Side note: he spent like, $70 on salad dressing at Walden Farms).

*The cedar pollen count was ridiculously high yesterday. The highest in about 3 years, actually. No signs of letting up, either.

*Daniel can relax. Looks like the kill-uncle-by-hungry-dog story might not have been true. Although we think the uncle is still dead.

*Here's Arkansas State's "Hide the Sausage" trick. Just kidding. They just hide the player.

*Q: WHY DOES DANIEL HAVE A LEAF TACKED TO HIS WALL? A: Daniel was hanging out on his porch whenever he thought that a spider landed on him. So he promptly freaked the **** out and almost fell off the porch. However, it turned out it was just a leaf. So he took that leaf and tacked to his wall to remind him that he reeeeally needs to chill out.

*Did you go through a bad break-up lately? Here are some really horrible tips that will just make you feel more depressed.

*The master of explosions isn't that good at improv.

*Let's revisit this cedar pollen news video. There's a little tidbit in there that might make you...laugh.

*A cedar tree at the moment of ecstasy.

*Aliens live among us, according to the former defense chief of Canada. Four different species. And they don't like nuclear weapons.

*Pflugerville is gonna lend some money to help construct the Hawaiin Falls water park. But the real question here is: does Hawaii have a Pflugerville Falls?

*The Catholic Church is considering making a patron saint of sexual abuse victims.

*Best. Christmas. Parade. Ever.

*Here's a mock-up of the Satanic tribute that has been proposed for the Oklahoma Capitol.

*This woman had an orgasm that lasted three hours. And there is a really hilarious TLC re-eneactment of it.

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