Dudley and Bob Show 12-18-2013
Posted 12/18/2013 7:57:00 AM

*Take a look at the Christmas gift that Amanda made for Matt.

*We lost our Rock and Roll Hall of Fame predictions, but KISS made it in. Poor Peter Gabriel. Here are the rest of the lucky inductees.

*Daniel's "favorite dictator" is at it again. Remember the other day when we said that the uncle had been Photoshopped out of everything? Well, the uncle's wife is missing, too.

*Hey...can you give my ankle a hand?


*Remember that guy who fake sign-languaged his way through Nelson Mandela's funeral? Well..he might have burned a man to death. Allegedly.

*Here's that list of the top Google searches in Austin of 2013. Dale claims that this must not include porn searches.

*Traffic in Austin is so horrible, and the street/highway planning is SO HORRIBLE, that it might never be fixed.

*This video just makes us all look awful. Forget Christmas cards. This family did a Christmas video.

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