Dudley and Bob Show 12-17-2013
Posted 12/17/2013 6:59:00 AM

*Ray Price is actually dead now. R.I.P. Ray Price. You will be missed.

*A ban on polygamy in Utah has been ruled unconstitutional. So congratulations Mormons and the show Sister Wives.

*Apparently Facebook / Yelp news is real news. A resaurant allegedly asked a cancer patient to comply with the rules and remove his headwear. Internet outrage ensued.

*You're an old man. Your wife is dead. You literally win the sex lottery, which means a night with hooker. However, you choke on your celebratory steak the night before and die.

*Dude. This video gamer guy is INTENSE. Also, as a word of advice, if your voice cracks like that when you're yelling, maybe you shouldn't be talking smack like that.

*Make Carissa Cry: a dog video. Dry your tears everyone.

*War on Christmas segment: Remember yesterday when we talked about how Fox's Megyn Kelly claimed that Santa was white? Well, she said it was joke. Jon Stewart had something to say about that.

*But Bill O'Reilly defends Megyn Kelly and says that Fox is indeed being picked on.

*MORE WAR ON CHRISTMAS. You said "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas?" You get PUNCHED IN THE FACE. Even if you're a Salvation Army bell-ringer.

*No matter what side of the War on Christmas you're on, this guy wins.

*Surprise! NSA doing this whole massive-phone-record-collection-for-no-reason has been ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge.

*John Bolton (not Michael Bolton) said that Edward Snowden (of NSA file-sharing fame) should "hang from a tall oak tree."

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