Live Sideshow: WinterDudleyFest
Posted 11/25/2013 5:55:00 AM

Call 512-467-2333 to purchase your tickets. There's nothing up on the Cap City Comedy site for now. The only way you can purchase tickets at this moment is by calling the number.

What: Live, Uncensored Sideshow / Holiday Gathering

Where: Cap City Comedy Club

When: Wednesday, December 18 @ 7PM

Cost: $12

How to Purchase Tickets: You can call 512-467-2333 or go online here at the Cap City Comedy website.

Perks: Hopefully we'll have t-shirt sales, Santa Claus, a Christmas sweater contest...who knows? But yes, there will be alcohol and yes, you're allowed to eat carbs.

Get your tickets as soon as you can, because it's General Admission and tickets are limited. MORE DETAILS TO COME.

Here's the listing on our Events Calendar.

Posted By: Nicole  
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