Dudley and Bob Show 11-4-2013 (Matt's Trip to Tyler)
Posted 11/4/2013 7:13:00 AM

*Apologies ahead of time. We're going to be sharing less news and more personal stories this morning.

*Copperas Cove has a new standard: overdue library books can get you arrested. This poor guy was arrested for having a book that had been due for years. Turns out it had been in the library the entire time AND he wasn't even the last person to check it out.

*Daniels was thinking of going to Lake Charles to play blackjack for his birthday. But he doesn't know anything about blackjack and refuses to take lessons. So he might just have a nice seaside vacation...IN LAKE CHARLES.

*Breaking news: Lake Charles is on a lake. Lake Charles is not on the Gulf of Mexico.

*Dale's gone soft.

*Here's how you can help some of the flood victims in Central Texas (from last week's floods).

*Matt had to go to Tyler, TX this past weekend. He shared some stories with us, particularly how he came to the conclusion that the loudest person in Tyler is a bigoted racist. And that Matt can understand some of the things that Dale went through having to grow up in East Texas.

*Brits take the TV tax seriously. If you don't pay, you get in trouble. If you mess with Brits, you get in trouble.

*Best fireworks display ever. Is it real? Is it fake? DId they mean to do it? Is it fake? We don't care, it looks cool. (A bit NSFW)

*Trying to stop longboarders is even harder than trying to herd cats.

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