Dudley and Bob Show 10-17-2013
Posted 10/17/2013 7:12:00 AM

*Dale wants to have some sort of comedy/music/Dudley-and-Bob bonanza before the end of the year. It's kinda late to start planning it, so don't hold your breath because we might not be able to make it happen. Naturally, the first thing we had to decide was what to name it. Right now Winter Dudley Land is in first place.

*This is Daniel's new theme song.

*A congressional stenographer has to get dragged off the floor after a total freakout.

*The House gets called out for trying to sneakily change a little rule. But it's just one little rule!

*Watch out. If you've violated the toll road rules, you're gonna be named! Wall of Shame.

*The one and only Charlie Hodge came in this morning to talk about Halloween Hullabaloo, this comedy/music/BMX festival that he's hosting on Oct. 26. They'll be showcasing some of the Funniest People in Austin, including our friends Ramin Nazer, Mac Blake, and Lucas Melandez. Plus there's FILTER and X Games BMX-er Morgan Wade. Come on out. I think the plan is that you go to Halloween Hullabaloo and then sneak in drunk to our Halloween party at Sherlock's.

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