Celis in the Studio
Posted 10/16/2013 8:04:00 AM

Remember Celis Beer?

It was a craft beer brewery that started in Belgium but moved to Austin in the early 90s. They were pretty well-loved around here and elsewhere, but when they struggled financially in the next decade, they sold out to Miller then Michigan Brewing Company.

However Christine Celis, daughter of the famed former owner Pierre Celis, is bringing it back. She's reclaimed the name and the beers and Celis should be officially on the scene in 2014.

Bur for now, Christine is working on Gypsy Collaborations with other brewmasters to make different styles and flavors of beers. The first one that's been released just this month is a Belgian IPA brewed and bottled at Adelbert's Brewery called Celis Gypsy Belgian IPA. This IPA was created by Kim Clarke, who worked with the original Celis operation.

The Celis Gypsy Belgian IPA should be on tap and on shelves soon.

Here are the events for the next week! Release parties, funsies, shenanigans, the works. They're all free EXCEPT for the BeerFeast. Free.

Thursday, Oct. 17 - Draught House Pub & Brewery glass night & launch party
Friday, Oct. 18 & Saturday, Oct. 19 - Adelbert's Brewery tasting room
Friday, Oct. 18 - Flying Saucer Draught Emporium glass night & meet the brewers
Saturday, Oct. 19 - Flying Saucer Austin BeerFeast
Sunday, Oct. 20 - Snack Bar glass night
Monday, Oct. 21 - Hopfieldslds glass night
Tuesday, Oct. 22 - Craft Pride glass night
Thursday, Oct. 24 - Billy's On Burnet

You can follow Gypsy Collaborations and Adelbert's Brewery on Facebook for info and updates on the events.

Here's Christine Celis in the flesh!


And the beautiful brewmaster Kim Clarke.


And the lovely ladies...the Celis Gypsey Belgian IPA.


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