Dudley and Bob Show 10-16-2013
Posted 10/16/2013 7:00:00 AM

*Don't listen to yesterday's Sideshow. It was literally the worst.

*We started off this morning with a video for Matt, since he loves it when people are in pain.

*This launched Dale and Bob into stories about the glory days when they used to ride bikes. They've both had their share of too-much-throtte-accidentally-flipped-over incidents like this poor girl.

*MoPacalypse? Clever headline, Statesman. Clever. Seriously, though, the hell will begin. Construction starts on Mopac for a toll lane. Great.

*Imagine being stuck in an airplane with someone freeeeeeeeeaking out.

*We have a hostage situation. Congressmen have taken our country hostage. So the Daily Show brought in a hostage negotiator.

*Obama should be impeached because of "high crime." Oh, and Dewhurst says so, too!

*HERE'S THAT GEORGE CARLIN BIT!!! We know it came through pretty soft over the airwaves. Enjoy!

*It's that time of year agin: the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees. As voting members of the Hall of Fame (because we totally are) we're not sure about all of these guys. Chic? No. KISS? Well, we're not fans, but they do deserve to be in. The Zombies? HELL YES.

*Celis Beer is coming back! Christine Celis and Kim Clarke came in to talk to us about Gypsy Collaborations.

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