Dudley and Bob Show 10-9-2013
Posted 10/9/2013 7:24:00 AM

*Happy He Day! Maybe we'll have to get rid of Columbus Day.

*Oh yeah. The rabbit wants is here. The best pop-up ad fail.

*A local bar gets in trouble for making a domestic violence joke. We aked ourselves  this morning if it was really that offensive. Domestic violence is not a joke, but is this joke actually that bad to lose a job over?


*I remember the 11th Commandment now: "Thou shalt not partake in trend diets."

*We played Guess that Employee!!! Matt won. But can you put the names to the faces?


*Austin city councilman Mike Martinez called in this morning to talk to us about the Austin cemetery that is being forced to adhere to basic codes.

*This is the Elizabeth Warren speech that Dale was talking about. It's her two cents on the government shutdown.

*Some members of Anonymous were busted for Operation Payback. And they aren't the kind of people that we typically envision as hackers.

*We sort of finished the Best Austinte bracket. First and first place go to Amy Simmons and Lady Bird Johnson, for best living and best deceased Austinite. But if we reeeeeeeeeeally had to pick one, Matt says Amy because we are in a drought and ice cream is more useful than flowers.

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