Dudley and Bob Show 10-8-2013
Posted 10/8/2013 6:49:00 AM

*No dogs on Auditorium Shores? Actually....yeah, that's not true.

*Oh. My. Gah. People are complaining about the sound levels at ACL. It's because of the weather, apparently. Since it was colder and cripser than usual outside, you could hear the music from a larger distance. I mean, it was so loud that some people's houses shook. Cue the baby crying sound effects. We might have solved the problem, though. Headphone concert, anyone?

*Here are the finalists for the Best Austinite bracket. We'll be narrowing it down more tomorrow:
    - Bill Powers v. LBJ ---> LBJ!!!
    - Roky Erickson v. Amy Simmons (Amy's Ice Cream) ---> Amy!!!
    - Lady Bird Johnson v. Cactus Pryor ---> Lady Bird!!!
    - Willie Nelson v. Turk Pipkin ---> Willie!

*You don't like Obamacare? Then let's assasinate the president! According to some people on Twitter, that's the only logical step. If those weren't enough, here are some more. As that post says, these people might be getting a visit from the secret service soon.

*If that wasn't enough, Glen Beck compares this whole government shutdown thing to...starving people? We didn't really follow. But he has wonderful mic. Just listen to that sound.

*And Michelle Bachmann thinks we have a sign of the end of times. Yeeeeeeah.

*Here's another sign! Obama is the leopard.

*Men and women alike protest to let women in the LDS. They weren't even allowed in to the conference.

*Go ahead, eat those carbs. Because the low-carb diet is against God.

*Proof that people are mean. (A little NSFW because of the cussing)

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