Dudley and Bob Show 9-25-2013 w/ Romeo Rose (Sleepless in Austin)
Posted 9/26/2013 6:30:00 AM

*We're talking to Romeo Rose (aka Sleepless in Austin) later on. (Scroll down for more info)

*The guys think that Carissa looks like Wonder Bread this morning. What about y'all?


*We can't get over how wonderful and amazing Andrea Sloan is. In case you missed it yesterday, we spoke with her about her fight against cancer and pharmaceutical companies. Read more about her story and listen to the podcast. We're working on make a specific one with just her clip.

*Man, the Catholic Church can't catch a break. Another priest was caught with a boy's pants down.

*A woman who tried desparately to care for dozens of wolf-dogs (but didn't really succeed as they were malnourished) may have been eaten by them.

*Bob spoke at Bee Cave City Hall last night. Someone snapped a pic of him there.



Meet Romeo Rose. He is looking to pay a matchmaker (professional or not) to set him up with a girlfriend and, hopefully, a future wife. His criteria for the woman, however, are a bit...extensive. His website has seen a lot of traffic lately, so the link for the criteria might not work.

FOR THE RECORD. We don't support his opinions. If you're concerned about the interview, remember that we are Dale, Bob, and Matt. Would it be the best morning show ever if we didn't have little fun with the guy? And by fun, we mean we trolled him. We understand that this may have not been immediately clear and we apologize. The intent of our interview with him was to point out the ridiculousness of the  statements that he had made online regarding his standards for women and society. But in our fashion, we were trying to do it humorously.

Due to the sensitive nature of some of the topics, the podcast from yesterday's show has been reviewed AND edited. One chunk that was particularly offensive was removed.

If you are still concerned or interested, we would urge you to listen to the edited podcast.

You can also read the blog post from 9-26-2013 and listen to the podcasts for that day for more updates on the continuing discussion

Thanks to everyone (especially our listeners and our bosses) for your patience and sorry for the delay.

*This section was updated on the morning of 9-26-2013 to point out the edits in the podcast to and provide more background on the guest and the interview.*


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