Andrea Sloan in the Studio
Posted 9/25/2013 6:00:00 AM

Andrea Sloan is a trooper.

Seven years ago she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She's been through chemotherapy, radiation, drug treatments, you name. And despite fighting it off, her cancer has returned.

There is one drug that has proved helpful to her condition in the past: BMN 673 from BioMarin, a huge pharmaceutical company. But since it's an experimental drug and big pharma businesses have to capitalize on their products, she's been hit with hurdle after hurdle to get the drug that could not only save her life, but the lives of others as well.

Andrea is no stranger to fighting the good fight. She's the executive director of the Texas Advocacy Project. But since the recent return of her cancer, she decided to take her fight against the illness and Big Pharma public with a constant online / social media / traditional media campaign to get her story and other stories like hers noticed.

KXAN has been covering her story pretty extensively. You can check out their list of videos, inlcuding interviews, updates, and one of the most recent stories.

You can join her on Facebook or follow her on Twitter for updates.

But most importantly, if you want to stand with her in this fight, sign the petition. Call the company. Call state representatives in California (where BioMarin is based). We're hoping that we can help her out any way that you can. Texas state representative, Eddie Rodriguez, called in right after Andrea left to show his support. You can, too.

Here's the podcast from her appearance on the show.

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