Dudley and Bob 9-23-2013 w/ Evan Smith
Posted 9/23/2013 7:31:00 AM

*THE INTERNET IS BROKEN. So there won't be a lot of links and fun stuff for you today. However, we've got something better than web candy. We've got Evan Smith, the CEO and editor-in-chief of the Texas Tribune (or as Dale likes to refer to him as, someone who is finally smarter than Matt Bearden). But before we get to that, here are some of the other things we talked about today:

*"Scientific facts" that are actually myths, like how lightning doesn't strike the same place twice.

*That didn't take very long. The new iPhone fingerprint scanner is already hacked.

*What's more terrifying than a haunted house? How about going through a haunted house buck naked? This haunted house in Pennsylvania does just that.

*Dale has always been found of those frozen, northern European countries. But Sweden is looking even more attractive now that public masturbation is legal.


*Evan Smith helped found the Texas Tribune, which if you don't know, is an online only newspaper that focuses on Texas politics. Evan came by to talk to us about 2013 Texas Tribune Festival (or Tribune Fest), an upcoming event that will feature speeches, Q&A sessions, and more from top Texans, including Ted Cruz and Wendy Davis.


*In honor of Evan Smith stopping by, we took a little trip down Ted Cruz Lane. Off to the right you can see how he thinks shutting down the military is going to be the back-up plan for funding Obamacare. And to your left you can see that Sarah Palin defending him.

*We're bringing back Spit or Swallow. And now everyone has to play. With these.

*We also had a surprise guest this morning: a couple of the guys from Quiet Company! They came by to talk about HAAM Benefit Day, which is tomorrow, EVERYWHERE. Literally. Go catch some live music or visit various businesses around the city that will donate some of their proceeds for the day to HAAM.


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