Snark Tank: M.J. Schiebe
Posted 9/11/2013 7:16:00 AM

When you travel, you need something to hold all your stuff. Yeah, you could go with a normal backpack or duffel bag, but sometimes they don't have the support, room, or organization that you need, let alone a little style.

Megan Schiebe of M.J. Schiebe designed a travel messenger bag just for all of that. These bags have pockets for everything so organizing and protecting all of your stuff on the road is easier.


There's one more day left of her indiegogo campaign, so if you like her design and want to see more colors, you should check it out.

A special thinks goes to Jennifer, the owner of Blue Velvet Vintage Clothing on North Loop, for supplying the expert for today's Snark Tank.

Posted By: Nicole  
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