Snark Tank: Party Holster
Posted 8/21/2013 8:20:00 AM

Are you tired of having to hold you beer? Do you find yourself wishing you had an extra hand? Do you like to party?

Then you're in luck.

Kevin Lindblad and Mike Neri have created something just for you: the Party Holster. They're hand-made, laser-engraved, neoprene-lined leather holsters designed to hold beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. They can fit bottles as well as 12-, 16-, and 24-oz. cans. They're also working on a Pool Party Holster, which would be waterproof and less expensive. And they've got a Kickstarter right now to raise funds to help everyone get a Party Holster.

Think about it. You're working on a project, your drink is at your hip. You're at a music festival, your drink is at your hip. You're at a party, your drink is at your hip

Thanks to Mike and Kevin for coming in today and for modeling the Party Holster for us.


And a special thanks to Ronald Cheng for being the expert. He owns Chinatown and brought us some breakfast pot-stickers today. They were deeeeelicious.


Posted By: Nicole  
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