Dudley and Bob Show 8-21-2013
Posted 8/21/2013 7:07:00 AM

*We may have a new state! For once, Texas isn't threatening to make it 49 states, but rather a county in Colorado wants to make it 51.

*STD's were on the rise in Travis County. Over 62,000 new cases were found in 2011. Come on, guys. Be safe.

*Here's your daily dose of pain. Dale loves to hear Matt laugh, and other people's pain usually does it for him.

*We have to stop hating on the vegetarians because guess what? T-Rex's were veggie-heads, too! That is, according to Paul Taylor of Creation Today.

*Ooooooh, we made Daniel squirm today. Here's that list of the 15 grossest things that you're eating. That catch is, you probably don't know you're eating them.

*Today we had special Snark Tank with the guys from Party Holster and (drum roll, please) the one and only Ronald Cheng. He's amazing and hilarious and simply the coolest guy. Thanks for coming in today, Ronald.


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