Dudley and Bob Show 8-20-2013
Posted 8/20/2013 6:51:00 AM

*SAUSAGE PARTY RE-CAP: Daniel returned in one piece from his brother's bachelor party. On a boat. With a bunch of dudes. But we have it on Daniel's authority that some girls did show up, and there were some boobies to see. Good things that happened: lots of drinking, lots of food, fun times, and bare lady chests. Bad things: some guy got impaled on something and had to go to the hospital, Daniel didn't get laid, and he also spent a looooooooot of money on this whole shindig in the end. All but five of the koozies were claimed, so apparently buying three thousand of them or however many that Daniel got was a good idea. In the end, though, Daniel wouldn't even let Bob on the boat, so we don't know for sure if this success story is true. If you were a part of party, we'd love to here your stories, too.


*Popular lake restaurant, Carlos 'N Charlie's, is officially closing. Because it isn't next to the lake anymore.

*Oh, the things that guys will do to get lucky with the ladies. This guy hands his girlfriend an AK-47to play around with and it was almost the last thing that he did. (NSFW because of one bad word)

*A study claims that the Senate really is a millionaire's club and the members don't do a very good job of actually representing their constituents.

*Here's another golden oldie brought to you by today's 70's wormhole. Doctor Hook with "Cover of the Rolling Stone."

*Wait, so guys actually want a girl to help out with the tab? This goes against everything we were taught.

*And we want this for our next birthday or holiday or whatever.


*According to Kevin Swanson and Dave Buehner, Christian radio broadcasters, gay Boy Scouts are gonna get  new merit badges! Yeah! For things like incest and cannibalism.

*Ted Cruz may be accidentally Canadian. Doesn't matter, because he'll renounce his citizenship if he has it.

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