Dudley and Bob Show 8-19-2013
Posted 8/19/2013 6:37:00 AM

*Here's Daniel's last ditch shout-out on Twitter to try and get the ladies to come to the sausage party.

*Isn't this how everyone sings this song? Be honest.

*Here's the original so you can sing along. There's something about this song, you can't not like it. It's a happy-feeling song.

*Oh yeah, a homemade zipline. That sounds like a great idea.

*A young girl asks a congressman about what she should do because her dad is undocumented. She's more looking for a solution or an alternative to the hardline position. He tells her that, well, sorry, but the law says he should be deported. And the crowd applauses.

*Dale thinks that this is what happens when you still live with your parents after you're 30.

*There is often a discussion on Reddit about the dirty little secrets of your industry. This is a confession from a funeral director who talks about how the timings, pricings, and overall planning of a funeral is basically a giant scam.

*Was Obama photoshopped into the war room picture from the death of Bin Laden? Was the moon landing real? We dont know, but Bryan Fischer does.

*Here, you decide:


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