Dudley and Bob Show 8-15-2013
Posted 8/15/2013 6:15:00 AM

*HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DALE! He's turning 83 today. Since we got Black Sabbath to play the KLBJ 40th birthday, we're going to get this guy to play especially for Dale.

*Or maybe we'll get this guy for him.


*We read an email on air today from a guy who wasn't too happy with our show, or our "hubris" and "gluttony." Eh...yeah, we might be guilty of both of those. But none of us have $5,000 membership fees for community pools.

*Thanks to @DazeyDuck for being the Audience of One, and sorry for 1) making you wait in the parking lot and 2) for the guys being...well, guys.

*The fantasy football talk has not ended and the SEASON HASN'T EVEN STARTED YET.

*Here's that article about an addiction treatment center in Lakeway sueing the city for revoking a permit.

*Aaaaaa, yessssssss. Nerds rejoice. Dragons are REAL! It says so in the Bible.

*This is the craziest fight we've ever seen, unnecessary flying kicks included.

*Watch Republican Congressman James Lankford get chewed out buy a citizen like us. It's awesome. He gets really fired up.

*Some Texas cops raided a farm because they thought they were growing pot...turned out it was just tomatoes.

*This is Jacob. Not only is he a part of Sunset Security, which donated money to the Daniel Song Contest, but he's also a warrior. Literally. He's toured with the U.S. military and claims that listening to the Dudley and Bob Show on his phone helped him survive a night when he was lost in the woods in the Pacific northwest. Thank you, Jacob, for being one of the people in our neighborhood. And most importantly, for being awesome.


*Plus, he gave us some great gifts. Thanks again!


*FINAL SAUSAGE PARTY UPDATE: The booby koozies are ordered, Daniel got some edible flowers for all the ladies (because ladies love edible flowers), there's no hot dog gun, and some people will probably still have to sleep butts-to-nuts.

*We're not going to be here tomorrow (Friday) so we're going to play the "Best of" some our recent show bits. Have a great weekend, y'all!

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