Dudley and Bob Show 8-14-2013
Posted 8/14/2013 7:00:00 AM

*Since Dale seems to be a gold card member at pretty much every store, he knows a lot of random stuff, including that some CVS stores are carding people when they buy nail polish remover.

*We started watching old TV commercials for cigarettes. Who knew that the Flinstones liked to smoke, too?

*The media keeps hyping this "mysterious priest." The story is that a young woman was trapped in a car after an accident and things weren't looking too good. Suddenly, a priest comes out of nowehere, asks to annoint her, and then disappears. The question is: why is this breaking news? However, they did discover who he was. Turns out it wasn't a mysterious cornfield-living holy spirit. It was Rev. Patrick Dowling who was just traveling down the road and stopped to help.

*"You're a little girl!" Wonderful sales call. We're thinking of implementing this technique for our station sales.

*Travis County commisioners approved that homeless-ville we had talked about before.

*More about the drama over at the district attorney's office, where ANOTHER person is having DWI problems. And it isn't Lehmberg this time.

*80's babes then and now. Would you have done them then? What about now?


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