Austin Tall Club in the Studio
Posted 8/13/2013 8:42:00 AM

Matt and Bob may be 5'8" or 5'10", depending on what day it is. Dale is pretty tall, he's 6'4".

But Matt Mandrella? He's 6'8". You read that right. He defines tall.


Which is why he helped start the Austin Tall Club, which is literally a club for tall people. It was inspired by the idea that tall people relate to one another easily, especially since when they go to parties they can easily see each other because they're a head above everyone else.

Speaking of everyon else, you're all invited to Austin Tall Club events, including the Meet & Greet next Tuesday at Pelon's Tex-Mex Restaurant. But you have to be 6'3" if you're a dude and 5'9" if you're a chick in order to actually be a member of the club.

Posted By: Nicole  
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