Dudley and Bob Show 6-28-2013
Posted 6/28/2013 6:05:00 AM


Introducing Kyle, another of the greenroom greehorns. Could he be your favorite intern? Who's going to come out on top in the intern Survivor challenge? You better start betting.


*We think we found what kind of dog Carissa would be if she was a dog:

*Aaron Hernandez, a New England Patriots tight end, has been charged with murder. Actually, multiple murders. And the rest of us have been charged with copying the infamous photo of his arrest. It's called Hernandizing.

*Pandora is stealing music from artists. The portion that artists seem to get from digital plays is pretty low. According to this, David Lowry from the band Cracker claims only got $16.89 from about a million plays of “Low” on Pandora. However, he's getting paid more from other "venues" like Sirius XM and the like.

*Because of cases like this, Pink Floyd wrote a letter to, well, everyone about how Pandora is actually ripping artists off.

*Here's the website that Carissa claims she was a music critic for.

*Most of y'all probably already know, but Arnel Pineda is the new singer for Journey. Definitely check out the documentary about him, he's mind-blowing.

*Bob needs suggestions for a 7-letter vanity license plate. Here are some of the ones we came up with this morning:




*More fun from the City Council! Austin might ban aerial advertising. Because plastic bags weren't enough.

*Here’s that bilingual break-up call:

*The Texas abortion showdown hasn't ended. For those of you haven’t caught up on the debate, Wendy Davis, a 50-year-old Democratic senator, stood up for 13 hours straight to filibuster the anti-abortion bill that Republicans were trying to push through on Tuesday in a special session. But king of the Texas Republicans, Rick Perry, said that it's "unfortunate" that Davis didn’t learn from “her own example” because she was a teen mom. Oh, and he’s calling for a second special session to get it through again.

*Here's the video concerning the the 72-year-old woman getting roughly removed from the Senate gallery:

*Our brain makes it hard for us to change our mind on things. Reason is connected to disbelief.

*James Woods has a new girlfriend. Why does that matter? Because he’s 66…and she’s 20. Which is 6 years younger than his old girlfriend.

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