Snark Tank: John Sanford and Rick Engel
Posted 6/26/2013 8:04:00 AM

Imagine an energy drink that actually tastes good.

John Sanford with El Gallo energy drinks has it down. It's agave-infused and it seriously tastes like a more delicious version of Fresca. Plus, if you want to make it a big boy drink, they have cocktail ideas. Just add a little tequila and BAM double the energy and still just as good.

Also in the Snark Tank we had Rick Engel of Restaurant Freedom. He's a big supporter of small businesses, having a hand in the creation of places like Austin Java, Little Woodrow's, Umami Mia Pizzeria, Texadelphia, and more.

Rick and the boys all thought that they're really on to something over at El Gallo. A sugar-free version, a good marketing campaign, maybe some more mixer options, and it really has the chance to take off. You can already find it some liquor stores around time. Go out and get yourself one and try it. It's not often that the Snark Tank invests all of its fake money into a product.

Plus, Rick is a local business champion. If he thinks you've got a good idea, go for it.

Posted By: Nicole  
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