Dudley and Bob Show 6-26-2013
Posted 6/26/2013 6:20:00 AM

*MEET THE INTERNS: Day 1. We will be putting all of the interns through a brutal Survivor challenge. Starting today, we're introducing the interns so that you can pick your favorite, become emotionally attached, then root for them to survive. There will be more to come.

Meet Kelsey and Andrew. The betting starts now.


*There is a list of the eight reasons that guys say they don’t wanna get married. This turned into a pretty good discussion of why people get married, what it means, and whether or not we even should.

*Sausage party update: Daniel is still in charge of planning his brother's bachelor party. The request is a house on the lake with a nice pool and (get this) no strippers. Yesterday on the show Daniel realized that the house he found requires for the guests to have to SHARE BEDS. As in double occupancy per bed.

*We revisit the abortion debate that happened right here in Texas. Democrats (led by Wendy Davis) actually stalled the abortion bill in Congress...for now. Check out a video of the reaction when Dewhurst said the time ran out to vote on the bill. They were trying to vote against, but the clock won in the end.

*On Today's Snark Tank we had John Sanford with El Gallo energy drinks and Rick Engel from Restaurant Freedom.

*Shout out to our favorite midday host, CJ. He did a great investigative piece on the difference between perception and reality. Can you spot the difference?

*Reverend Jim Standridge calls out some kids on the pulpit for not paying attention or, you know, just being kids.

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